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I&G Engineering Purchase Aberlink Axiom too 1500 CMM

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The shop floor at I&G Engineering just got an upgrade. We are now equipped with our very own state of the art Aberlink Axiom too 1500 Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Aberlink are known for their industry leading measurement inspection machines and software, and their Axiom too CNC CMM is widely regarded as one of the best CMM’s available. Called ‘the complete shop floor inspection system’ by Aberlink themselves, the Axiom too is an efficient and superbly accurate coordinate measuring machine.

About the CMM

The Axiom too CMM has a completely aluminium bridge structure, which not only gives the machine a low amount of inertia (and a high rate of acceleration), it also ensures that the machine’s temperature follows that of the room and therefore gives extremely accurate readings. Its granite and aluminium table was originally developed for the optics industry, and provides fantastic natural damping of high frequency vibration. Superior accuracy is also achieved via the machine’s granite Y rail, which allows pre-loading of the bridge air bearings in both directions.

The CMM is controlled by a high-spec PC system operating under Windows 10, and built into a 19” rack case, which is mounted into the front of the machine’s bench. The machine control is performed by a Deva 004 PCIE interface card, which promises high performance and speed, along with closed loop axis control. The Axiom too CMM is fitted with a Renishaw PH10T motorised probe head with a TP20 probe, giving indexing positions from 0-105° in the A axis, and the +/- 180° in the B axis in 7.5 increments. Also built into the machine is a MRC20 probe module change rack, that has the capability of storing up to six probe modules for automatic changing under measurement program control. Probe triggers are inhibited during module changing by the software, which eliminates the need for an electrical connection to the MCR20.

Aberlink Axiom CMM | I&G Engineering

The CMM comes equipped with Aberlink’s revolutionary CNC 3D geometric measurement software and a choice of Y axis sizes (ranging from 600mm to 1500mm) to ensure we have the right axis size for a wide range of components. This model also boasts the smallest footprint of any CMM of comparable size, along with an easy to understand interface that our technicians have received at Aberlink’s HQ.

Improving Quality Control at I&G

The Aberlink Axiom too 1500 CNC CMM will allow our expert workshop engineers to create ultra-precise specification reports for the components that we produce, which will then be given to our customers to provide them with a vital and exact understanding of their product’s dimensions. This process will improve our quality control system, and further reduce the possibility of even the smallest errors in dimensions of products we create. We are also now offering CMM inspection services, providing our clients with in-depth detailed reports of their components.

How Can We Help You?

Here at I&G Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering some of the best quality controlled manufactured parts on the market. Through the capabilities given to us by the Aberlink Axiom too CMM, our QC process will be faster and more accurate than ever before, and further guarantee the absolute quality and reliability of our service. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you.

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Michael is the engineering director at I&G Precision Engineering. As an experienced machine workshop manager, Michael keeps the I&G shop floor running smoothly.

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