Author: Michael Evans

Michael is the engineering director at I&G Precision Engineering. As an experienced machine workshop manager, Michael keeps the I&G shop floor running smoothly.
PSL Datatrack

How PSL Datatrack Drives I&G Engineering’s Forward Thinking

Here at I&G Engineering, flexibility and reliability forms the basis of the precision engineering services we offer. One such method of achieving the high standard we have today is with PSL Datatrack, one of the leading production control software providers. As explained in the article posted on the PSL Datatrack site, our Director Michael Evans […]

Dr John Dingley

I&G Helps to Provide Xenon Gas to Vulnerable Newborns

  Here at I&G, we are proud to take part in groundbreaking demonstrations of technology, and perhaps nothing is quite as groundbreaking as this. Back in 2010, I&G Engineered assisted in the development and construction of the first machine in the world to successfully deliver xenon gas to a newborn baby to prevent brain injury. […]

Waveform Machining

The Benefits of Waveform High Speed Machining

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, we use EDGECAM as our leading CAD / CAM system thanks to the whole host of benefits that it brings us. Not only does it help us be more precise, improve production times and help reduce scrap, it also grants us an improved method of high speed machining.  We’re of […]

5-Axis Machining Tool

Exploring Innovation: 5-Axis Machining vs. 3-Axis Machining

Innovation in precision engineering has boomed in recent years, showing a significant development from where we were 50 years ago. Due to the highly increasing needs and complexities of sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical and military defence, the manufacture of components has become more streamlined, less wasteful and far more complex. As part of this, […]

Aerospace Engineering Component | I&G Engineering

The Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, one of our main priorities is to ensure we are taking advantage of the latest innovations in technology to expand our capabilities. We have heavily invested in state-of-the-art machinery and programming software, all to the benefit of our production quality. 5-axis machining is one such innovation.  What is 5-Axis Machining? […]

Component Machining Cardiff

Technology Brands Used At I&G Engineering

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, we pride ourselves on our streamlined production process that we have developed over the last 40 years. Constant investment in new technology and expertise has helped us to evolve our manufacturing processes to a very high rate of productivity and consistent quality. Part of this is thanks to the range […]

Haas UMC-750 Interior

I&G Engineering Purchase Haas UMC 750

  The move to 5 axis machining technology has been quite a large step in capability for the precision engineering sector. Much of the industry struggles to take this step, due to concerns about over-complication. Here at I&G, we have embraced 5 axis technology with open arms and welcomed a brand new Haas UMC 750 […]

Precision Engineered Tools | I&G Engineering

Inside Quality Control at I&G Engineering

Here at I&G Engineering, our complete focus is precision. Every aspect of the work we do is geared towards providing a product that exactly meets our clients’ requirements. (With ‘exact’ being the key term.) Our quality control process is not just something we tack onto the end simply because we have to, it embodies our […]

Military Sector Component 4 | I&G Engineering

EDGECAM: Our Principal CAD / CAM System

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, we utilise a number of cutting edge CAD / CAM systems to control our machining processes. These include SolidCam by Solidworks, OneCNC and of course, EDGECAM. EDGECAM is a Hexagon system that leads the CNC machining field with a top quality precision control system. Using EDGECAM has given us the […]

I&G Engineering Machinist in Red

CNC Machinery at I&G Precision Engineering

Here at I&G, we are first and foremost a precision engineering company, and we pride ourselves on our array of machinery that helps us to fulfil that status. Our shop floor is equipped with a range of CNC machinery that allows us to be versatile in the services that we offer, from producing top quality […]

Planning on Board | I&G Engineering

I&G Engineering Holds ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, we pride ourselves on the absolute quality of our products and services. In the process of building our services up to the quality that they sit at today, we are proud to be an officially ISO 9001:2015 accredited business.  What is the ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation? The ISO 9001 is a […]

CMM | I&G Engineering

I&G Engineering Purchase Aberlink Axiom too 1500 CMM

The shop floor at I&G Engineering just got an upgrade. We are now equipped with our very own state of the art Aberlink Axiom too 1500 Coordinate Measuring Machine. Aberlink are known for their industry leading measurement inspection machines and software, and their Axiom too CNC CMM is widely regarded as one of the best […]

I&G Engineering Factory Sign

I&G Engineering Accredited by Investors In People

I&G Precision Engineering are proud to announce that we have been awarded accreditation by Investors in People. This accreditation has been granted to us thanks to our high performance standard of people management. Investors in People is the international standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support and manage people effectively to […]