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Technology Brands Used At I&G Engineering

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, we pride ourselves on our streamlined production process that we have developed over the last 40 years. Constant investment in new technology and expertise has helped us to evolve our manufacturing processes to a very high rate of productivity and consistent quality. Part of this is thanks to the range of innovative technology brands that we utilise in our workshop. Let’s take a look out how these cutting edge brands benefit what we do here at I&G.


Hexagon Edgecam Logos | I&G Engineering

As the principal piece of CAD / CAM technology that we use here at I&G, EDGECAM is a versatile and reliable solution to machine programming. Developed by global leaders in autonomous software Hexagon, EDGECAM provides a range of capabilities for CNC machinery, which helps the I&G workshop function efficiently and effectively.

Using EDGECAM, we cut our machining cycle times by 40%, which helps us to produce and ship between 600 and 700 components every month. EDGECAM also provides a far more rigid and precise programming setup than other CAD / CAM software. With EDGECAM, we can comfortably run programs overnight knowing that the tooling will continue uninterrupted without any issues. 


Haas Automation is the largest manufacturer of CNC machine tools in the western world. Known for their F1 racing team, Haas are a well known brand across the world, providing some of the highest quality and easiest to use CNC machines in the world. At I&G, we utilise a large range of Haas machines for CNC machining and turning, each providing a top quality solution to its desired function.

The Haas VF-4SS comes with a large XYZ travel space, making it our go to machine for producing larger components. The MDC-500 is on a smaller scale and comes with a pallet charger, ideal for larger batches of smaller products. The VF range are highly customisable machines that are ideal for fast production, while the Haas Mini Mills take up little space on the shop floor and provide a reliable on-the-fly solution. 

The Haas UMC-750 is a prime example of our step into 5 axis machining technology, providing innovative machining of complex and detailed components in faster times than ever before. Known for their effectiveness and precision, the range of Haas machines that we have at I&G provide us with every CNC machining capability that we need. 


Another global leader in advanced manufacturing solutions, Mazak provide streamlined technology for milling, turning and 5 axis machining. Mazak supply a massive portfolio of international businesses with CNC machinery, specialising in the automotive, aerospace, energy, construction, marine exploration and medical sectors.

Mazak VCN 535C Smooth G | I&G Engineering

Here at I&G, we use the the Mazak VCN530C Smooth G for a portion of our machining. Offering the highest productivity in its class of vertical machining, the Smooth G has a large XYZ travel and a unique intelligent thermal shield. Led by EDGECAM, this machine is incredibly reliable and can produce precisely machined components. It is also adept at working with potentially difficult materials such as titanium, inconel super duplex and other nickel based alloys.

Mazak’s machining centres are trusted by thousands of industry leading brands to deliver a consistent high standard, and we are no different. Turning 100 years old in 2019, Mazak are at the forefront of advancements in CNC machining, and production at I&G is greatly benefited by their innovative approach to automation in machining.


Aberlink Logo | I&G Engineering

As the largest UK manufacturer of coordinate measuring technology, vision systems and 3D measurement software, Aberlink are known throughout the engineering world for their top quality products. Specialising in innovative metrology solutions, Aberlink machines are easy to use, and provide consistently reliable and precise measurements of both complex and simple components.

Aberlink Axiom CMM | I&G Engineering

We use a state of the art Aberlink Axiom Too 1500 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine to inspect every product we make to ensure it meets the standards required. The Axiom Too has a low amount of inertia due to its aluminium bridge structure, which also helps the machine’s temperature balance with that of the room. This guarantees extremely accurate readings, and is one of the main contributors to quality control here at I&G. We also offer inspection services using the CMM, which gives detailed dimensional reports of any component. This is especially beneficial for complex components that require precision information to be provided with them for application.

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Michael is the engineering director at I&G Precision Engineering. As an experienced machine workshop manager, Michael keeps the I&G shop floor running smoothly.

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