Carbide Grinding Services

Insert & Surface Grinding Services

Here at I&G Engineering, we have invested in a range of machinery for carbide grinding. We provide both surface grinding and insert grinding services to a large number of organisations across many industry sectors. Our facilities enable us to modify and manufacture a wide range of tungsten carbide specials and STD inserts to a very high quality. Our grinding services cover segmented, cylindrical and surface grinding, ensuring that no matter what kind of carbide grinding you require, we can deliver it. 

We heavily invest in ensuring we have the latest grinding machines at our disposal, along with our technicians being instilled with the highest level of industry expertise. Every part that we produce is inspected to a precise level before shipping, so we can provide you with a full detailed report of your product’s exact specifications. This is one of the things that helps us provide a reliable high level of service.

Our Industry Specialities

I&G Precision Engineering has been providing insert and surface grinding services to major organisations within the automotive industry and the oil & gas industry for over 40 years. We have developed long standing relationships and partnerships with these organisations, which is what allows us to stay on top of the latest industry expertise and techniques. 

As a company, we work heavily in the aerospace, defence, medical and railway industries. So no matter which sector your organisation is a part of, our versatility as a company enables us to provide a high quality service across many industries. Feel free to view our database of machinery to find out what our facility is equipped with.  

Industries we work in include:

Why Work With Us?

We have been providing precision engineering services for over 40 years, growing our family-ran business into a thriving, respected engineering company in the UK. Because we frequently work with companies in a variety of industries, we are always informed on the latest industry practises. Our priority focus as a company is our commitment to quality, always ensuring we provide high-integrity products that suit our clients’ needs perfectly. Use the form below to get in touch with our team, or drop us an email to discuss your requirements today.