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Haas UMC-750 Interior

I&G Engineering Purchase Haas UMC 750

  The move to 5 axis machining technology has been quite a large step in capability for the precision engineering sector. Much of the industry struggles to take this step, due to concerns about over-complication. Here at I&G, we have embraced 5 axis technology with open arms and welcomed a brand new Haas UMC 750 […]

CMM | I&G Engineering

I&G Engineering Purchase Aberlink Axiom too 1500 CMM

The shop floor at I&G Engineering just got an upgrade. We are now equipped with our very own state of the art Aberlink Axiom too 1500 Coordinate Measuring Machine. Aberlink are known for their industry leading measurement inspection machines and software, and their Axiom too CNC CMM is widely regarded as one of the best […]