CNC Machining Services

Expert CNC Machining Services for the UK

Here at I&G Precision Engineering, our main investment focus is to constantly be driving the company forward to become one of the UK’s leading precision engineering companies. We provide high quality CNC machining services to a range of industries across the UK. Using the latest CNC machines, mapping technology and mastering techniques, along with top level engineers, we provide a very high standard of quality with our CNC machining services. Thanks to our wide range of machinery and technical expertise, we guarantee to deliver the highest quality products on an efficient timescale.

Operating from our factory in South Wales, we work with many UK based manufacturers, providing subcontract CNC machining services to industry leaders across many sectors. Regardless of the quantity and size of the components you require, we guarantee our ability to deliver a high quality machined component exact to your specifications. We use only the most modern CAD/CAM software, which allows us to machine even the most complex of projects exactly to your specifications and stay at the top of the precision engineering industry as it evolves. All our machinery is maintained to UKAS standards and regularly inspected for accuracy.

Versatile Engineering Solutions

We provide subcontract CNC machining services to a variety of clients and partners, some of which are industry leaders from highly differing sectors, including:

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a vast range of high quality components across these varied industries, always maintaining a high level of expertise and knowledge of top industry practises within each sector.

Why Work With Us?

We have been growing our business through precision engineering services for over 40 years, and have developed our family business into a thriving, well respected engineering company in the UK, working with companies from many sectors. We have built long standing partnerships with our customers based on the quality of the work that we provide, along with our ability provide excellent, responsive and informative customer service. During our time delivering CNC machining services to many different companies, we have developed the skills needed to deliver precision, efficiency and quality for any engineering project. Contact our team today using the form below to discuss your requirements or to learn more about our services.