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PSL Datatrack

How PSL Datatrack Drives I&G Engineering’s Forward Thinking

Here at I&G Engineering, flexibility and reliability forms the basis of the precision engineering services we offer. One such method of achieving the high standard we have today is with PSL Datatrack, one of the leading production control software providers.

As explained in the article posted on the PSL Datatrack site, our Director Michael Evans talks about how the software has helped to streamline our entire order and production process.

“In the earlier years of I&G’s existence, all customer quotations, purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices were raised by hand. “This was a very time consuming process, hard to organise and it was also very easy to make mistakes,” says Director, Michael Evans. “As we were growing, customer numbers and order variations were increasing so the issue was getting bigger and becoming a problem. That’s why, in 2001, we decided PSL Datatrack was the way forward.”

One of the key aspirations of our business is to be able to maintain the highest standards of quality, flexibility, reliability and communication with customers on order status. Through integrating PSL Datatrack into our manufacturing processes, these aspirations are achieved.

“Reports in the system provide monthly reviews of turnover and performance to help the company keep to its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). “We all find this very straightforward to use and after a small amount of in-house training for any new members of staff, they can also use PSL Datatrack without any problems,” comments Michael. Indeed, in the years since the company’s original investment, the support has been “fantastic” according to Michael. “If any new staff member using the PSL Datatrack system needs help, or we need any other technical support, we can ring and get it straight away. That being said, with the system being so easy to use, it’s not often needed.”

PSL Datatrack

Moving forward, I&G Engineering seeks to explore more opportunities for how PSL Datatrack can help to further streamline our process.

“As a result, the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and Sequential Scheduler modules are in the pipeline, alongside visual Status Boards to give the I&G management team a closer look into real time production activities. SFDC will record the actual time taken to produce components compared with quoted times and maintain a history of when parts were made on which machines and by whom, as well as recording process deviations for the company to review and make process improvements. The Scheduler and Status Boards will provide up to date status of works orders and costs.

“This data will really drive forward our production flexibility and reliability,” concludes Michael. For I&G, PSL Datatrack has been key to the company’s success alongside all its other significant investments in shop floor technology. It has helped to underpin the company’s drive for efficiency and customer service at a time when forward thinking and competitiveness are more important than ever.”

Head over to the PSL Datatrack website to read the full article.


Michael is the engineering director at I&G Precision Engineering. As an experienced machine workshop manager, Michael keeps the I&G shop floor running smoothly.

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