Industries We Work With

I&G Engineering produces critical precision components to exacting quality standards, across multiple industries.



I&G Engineering has extensive experience and manufacturing knowledge that has come from working with clients in the aerospace industry.
We have customers that are involved in the manufacture of huge range of aircraft, engines and associated parts.
Our team specialises in CNC machining to produce the complex components required by the aerospace industry. We use state-of-the-art machinery to CNC machine components in a variety of materials. This demonstrates our ability to cope with the challenges facing manufacturing in the aerospace industry.
Batch sizes of components vary, from precision engineering of a ‘one-off’ component to the production of longer runs. Each machined component, is finished to CNC precision and inspected prior to despatch.

We are fully committed to maintaining and continuously improving our quality through the application of the policies, procedures and objectives as stated in our Quality Management System (9100:200).



At I&G Engineering we specialise in CNC machining of complex components and parts for the automotive industry.
We have supplied various components, assemblies and fixtures to the automotive industry for more than 40 years: using the latest and most modern multi-axis machinery wherever possible to engineer precision parts for our customers.
A wide range of materials are used in the manufacture of the various parts and components we supply to the automotive industry and these are inspected and subject to traceability as part of our quality control procedures.



The team at I&G Engineering regularly produce quality precision engineered components needed by the medical industry.
We use the latest CNC machine’s to make components in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, brass, copper, exotics, super alloys for applications such as laser blocks, beds and wheelchairs.
We have made extensive investments in CNC machining equipment, training employees and upgrading systems to continuously improve our productivity and maintain our competitive edge in the production of precision engineered parts used in products and equipment for the medical sector.
Our commitment to quality and productivity has allowed customers to commit confidently to tight timescales and delivery schedules. With our backing, customers find they have an advantage over their major competitors in the medical industry markets.


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