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Spark Erosion Services

Spark erosion (also sometimes called Electro Discharge Machining) is used to machine complicated shapes from a range of materials. The process works by placing the workpiece between two electrodes which are separated by a dielectric liquid, which acts as both a conductor and a cooling agent. These electrodes produce electric discharge sparks to produce the heat needed for a controlled melting of excess material to create the desired part. With spark erosion, there is no mechanical abrasion found in CNC milling and turning.

Here at I&G Precision Engineering we offer precise spark erosion services to manufacture complex shapes in extremely hard materials. With spark erosion we commonly produce:

  • Blind keyways
  • GearsSplines
  • Complex forms
  • Press tools

Using our in-house technology for spark erosion, we can produce both high volume batch components along with prototype parts on a timescale to suit you. Our factory near Swansea in South Wales typically produces between 600 and 700 components per month, with each one undergoing extensive quality inspections before shipping. 

Versatile Services for Multiple Sectors

We are equipped to cater for the needs of many industry sectors, both close to home and nationally. From aerospace, automotive, medical, railway, medical and more. Our capabilities are set up to work with steel, aluminium, super alloys, copper, brass, hard plastics and other materials. For a detailed look at some of our manufactured components, take a look at our gallery

Our Machinery

Browse our plant list page for more information on our in-house technology. 

  • ONA Datic D260

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We pride ourselves on excellent client communication from the order being placed all the way to delivery. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Give us a call or use the form below to email us. We’re always happy to help.

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Why Work With Us?

Over the last 40 years, we have invested continually in the latest technology to ensure our services are delivered with efficiency and precision. Thanks to investments like zero point quick changeover systems and high feed tooling, and through employing a brand new 5S strategy, we are able to reduce costs and pass savings onto our customers. 

As specialists in precision engineering, our work is dictated by a strict commitment to quality. Our core values as a business are:

  • Quality and precision ensured
  • Customer communication is clear and flexible
  • Improvement through investment in technology
  • Requirements of the customer are met
  • Partner confidence through service quality 

We proudly bear the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for service quality, with our factory being regularly inspected to ensure UKAS standards are upheld. We are also holders of the Investors in People certification for the commitment we show to the skill development of our machinists. 

After four decades of delivering precision manufacturing services, we have fostered partnerships with businesses across many sectors. If you are looking for spark erosion services as competitive rates, get in touch with our team today.

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